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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Internet |

Cryptocat: encrypted chat conversations from Firefox and Chrome

Cryptocat: encrypted chat conversations from Firefox and Chrome

Increasingly governments devote efforts to monitor citizens and these, the truth is that there are many options to keep your communications through social networks like Facebook or services like Gtalk be intercepted by third parties (whether a government agency or a third party with no good intentions that is connected to the same network as us). The user is now practically at its best defense in ensuring the confidentiality of communications, either using encrypted connections (using SSL for example) or through VPN connections. In case you want to have a conversation via chat, has existed for some time a very interesting project called Cryptocat that offers a private instant messaging service and we can use encrypted through our browser.

Available both Firefox and Chrome is a very interesting service and above all, very to consider if we want to guarantee the confidentiality of virtual meetings to maintain through this IM system which, incidentally, is a project of open source encrypted channels established by AES-256 and protocol OTR ( Off-the-Record Messaging ).

On the use, the system is geared towards the world of browsers (which has resulted in extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome) and it is hoped that before long, allow users to share information, to order, so anonymous (and no possibility of identification and tracking) even using mobile devices (small rung up against other alternatives such as network Tor ).

The idea is very interesting and, of course, is a resource worth having installed on our ordeanador (both fixed as in the notebook

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