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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

Cryptocat, secure communication from the browser

Cryptocat, secure communication from the browser

For those who do not know, Cryptocat is a private instant messaging service that works on the site, accessible from virtually any browser (including mobile devices), without additional accessories. And not only that, it is a free and open source project, both in code and in its development process and documentation. The objective is to offer a solution the problem of private communication on the web. Nadim Kobeissi , hacker and activist, is the project leader.

The first version allows private conversations because Cryptocat channels creates encrypted (AES-256) for the transmission of information. The second version, yet to be made public, promised anonymous conversations, where it is impossible (in practical terms) the identity of the participants in the conversation. Some doubted that promise, but a few hours ago on Twitter Nadim Kobeissi announced this historic achievement for on the web:

Why is a historic achievement? For two reasons:

  • Technically speaking, to bring OTR the browser, an encryption protocol designed to provide true anonymity on the Internet, until recently available in few platforms, web ever.
  • Socially speaking, to create a universal tool for empowering the right to anonymity, one of the most hurt with grief online network of citizens and for already-know-who.

Special mention should be feline aesthetics of 8 bits:

Cryptocat Project is on accessibility and safety, which is why we will soon be on almost any platform and as an indispensable tool, both as Tor , to defend against Internet surveillance.

I leave you with a glimpse of what will Cryptocat 2:

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