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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Mobile |

CryptRoll: security and encryption of documents in Android

CryptRoll: security and encryption of documents in Android

One aspect in which we put the focus is, without doubt, the of our personal data and, in this sense, our smartphones and tablets hoard wealth of personal information that we must guard properly. Yesterday we spend a few minutes talking about Safe Notes for Android, an application that allowed us to encrypt the contents of our notes and thereby preserve the annotations strangers we took on our mobile terminal. Following the same path, another convenient option that can be found on Google Play is CryptRoll that, in addition to protecting our notes, we can help make sure our communications.

What gives us CryptRoll? This application for Android, which incidentally is free, enjoys considerable popularity among users because it offers the ability to encrypt large part of the data exchanged with our smartphone. For starters, we can apply to store the notes in the notebook device (using AES-256 encryption and setting a password). Furthermore, if the notes were not enough, we also can encrypt the contents went up to the cloud because we can also encrypt the texts got on Google Docs.

Although it may seem a little closer to the world of espionage, this also allows us to encrypt a text and send it through an SMS or an email, that is, we can use it to send encrypted (using AES-256) and certainly embarrass our friends.

In the same way that CryptRoll serves to encrypt messages, the application also allows descrifrarlos, meaning that if we receive a message with your content encryption can also use this application to decode the text and get the contents of the message. In fact, to provide even more flexibility to this application, developers have also worked in a desktop application ( for Windows ) with which we can operate in the same way that on your terminal.

The idea of this application, in my opinion, is quite interesting to work safely, ensuring the secrecy of our notes and our communications. Improving the safety of our devices makes us more confident in their use and, therefore, we can enjoy the much more able to exploit the increasing functionality and practical uses.

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