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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Video Games |

Crysis 3 and spectacular graphics in a new trailer

12-18-2012 8-47-25 AM

The German study CryTek game development does not hesitate to boast about their upcoming graphics engine, Cry Engine 3 which premieres with a FPS type game (shooting and first-person shooter) that was certainly expected by many in the world, because it is a saga that unites excellent science fiction story with the best graphics. This is Crysis 3 , and today, reached a new trailer that looks simply amazing.

However, this is just a trailer. This video is the first part of a series of 7 episodes that come out in the course of the next few weeks, until the game is released next February .

The name of this mini-series is “The 7 Wonders” and stresses that it has been directed by Albert Hughes , known for films such as “The Book of Eli” and “From Hell”. With the seven wonders, wants to be recognized not only by incredible graphics, but also have a history of quality and engulfing fans as Crysis 2 could not remove the first game of the series title “The best Crysis to come out.”

But there is one very important detail that I have not mentioned so far, is that although I have repeated many times the words “amazing”, “spectacular” and “amazing” when referring to graphics that will Crysis 3, this is a reason very valid that you can check yourself. You only need to say that all the first video of “The 7 Wonders” was created using the engine.

This promises a game full of textures, shadows and lighting impressive, perhaps like no other that has come to the current generation of consoles. And is that not for nothing that since these studies claim and boast that: “Crysis 3 makes the most of the potential of the current consoles. Indeed, we have always thought that this game is a ‘next-gen’”, or that is, a game that will rival developed titles for next generation consoles.

Crysis 3 will be available on February 2013 in the U.S. and three days later in Europe.

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