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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Mobile |

CSV Viewer, a CSV file viewer for Android

CSV Viewer, a CSV file viewer for Android

Among the many types of file that can handle daily in our work, spreadsheets are among the most common and, frankly, can be found in almost any field (budget control, planning, valuation tables, statistical analysis, dashboards, etc). Among the many formats we can find (xls, ods, xlsx, etc), the format defined by RFC 4180 , the CSV format is perhaps one of the simplest when storing information on tables. files are text files separated by commas (or semicolons) which are used as separators between columns and, for example, we can find when we export contacts from Outlook or Thunderbird, export data from a database or even when performing a backup (contacts or SMS messages).

It is not uncommon to find in the situation that we have received a CSV file in our email and we open it to check it out. In the case that we have a device Android , Google Play can find a number of office applications with which we can open and text documents, but in the case to seek a free app to check CSV files, perhaps CSV Viewer can help us out on more than one occasion.

CSV Viewer is a simple application for Android that allows opening files in CSV format and view as a spreadsheet (playing the first row as column labels and data once exposed, offering the user the ability to sort just click on the column label). The application works quite well and, as happens when we open a CSV file with LibreOffice or Excel, you can choose the encoding format with which to open it.

To work with the application, after opening it, all you have to do is select the files to open and to do so, navigate through the different directories of files from our device (the default is to start from the SD card) where, CSV files in addition, we can also edit text files in TXT, C source files (. c,. h,. cpp) files, HTML or CSS files, among other formats.

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Given that it is a free app and works on handsets with Android 2.2 or higher, CSV Viewer is a resource to consider.

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