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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity and his encounter with a pyramid rock

Curiosity and his encounter with a pyramid rock

Quite possibly, of a rock found on Earth as we see in the picture, for us to pass unnoticed. Not so on Mars. The strange object found to date for will be analyzed by the rover. A pyramid-shaped rock on the red planet .

Baptized by NASA as Jake Matijevic after the agency engineer who died recently, the robot already has a primary goal of analysis. A pyramid-shaped rock 25 cm high and 40 cm wide at its base.

An encounter with this strange object that the researchers defined as:

As we are approaching an area of a very light color, the camera shows the rover certainly dark and unknown types. The lower diversity is increasingly evident as we got to the enclave, which provides targets for research like this.

We do not know where it comes from the shape of this rock still, we have to analyze. The first sample analyzed by the Spirit rover, nicknamed Adirondack, also had a similar shape.

According to NASA rover take three to four days to analyze the composition of the rock. It will do so through the ChemCam and laser technology that will yield information on the material and hardness of the rock.

And according to John Grotzinger account, chief scientist for Curiosity, is possible that this pyramid shape due to wind on the red planet. The second option being considered is that of which belonged to an even greater element destroyed in time.

The ChemCam offer new clues in the coming days.

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