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Curiosity rocks are formed from streams

Curiosity rocks are formed from streams

After analysis for two days a pyramid-shaped rock, the rover has found a series of rocks that were formed from water currents . A series of shaped by streams or rivers that would become the first field test of the presence of water on Mars.

And is that previously had evidence or hypothesis but never before have been able to study objects in the world that had been transported by water. Photos that offers now be analyzed, which yield information about the depth or speed at which the water flowed on the surface of Mars.

According to William Dietrich, one of the principal investigators of the mission:

So far it has been much speculation and many hypotheses have been launched on the canals of Mars. This is the first time we actually see rocks that were transported by water on the planet’s surface. We’re not speculating on the size of the sediments, but what we are seeing directly.

Given the size of the stones, we can interpret that water was moving at about 0.9 meters per second with a depth that a person would come at least to the ankles, maybe even the hip.

Although researchers confirmed that it is very difficult to know the exact age of the rocks or the time in which these rivers or streams were on Mars, is believed to have had billions of years.

Historical results that found inside Gale crater to help scientists decipher if ever there was life on as we know it.

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