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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity Spotted methane gas on Mars?

Curiosity Spotted methane gas on Mars?

The next few days will confirm or not the possibility but it seems that the rover and SAM analysis instrument, Sample Analysis at Mars, has detected the presence of on Mars . If so, further analysis and gas source could yield the first conclusions about the past of in the mission of .

And in the past had already spoken of the presence of methane on Mars. It was shown that Syrtis Major was one of the regions of the red planet where it originates, though still a mystery meant the possibility that a sign of life. Seasonal variation of this gas in the Martian atmosphere suggests that there is an active source of geological or biological origin.

In 2003 he discovered the presence of methane and appeared in the planet’s atmosphere at a rate of 10 parts per 1,000 million in an atmosphere that is 95% carbon dioxide. At that time he gave a good explanation of the methane detected on Mars was of geological origin. According to studies, the gas was released by the impact of meteorites, an argument could be different now.

Already in 2009 the journal Science was explaining how they had used infrared detectors from ground-based telescopes being able to observe the evolution of methane over three Martian years, analysis showed methane variations in time and a large accumulation in certain regions.

In the case that the presence of methane found by SAM is of biological origin, the first test could mean some kind of microbe extinguished in time on the red planet. It could even mean the presence of living organisms below the surface (with the presence of liquid water) today. Conjectures all to be unveiled in the coming days.

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