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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity takes pictures of the “promised land” of Mars

What we see are new images taken by Curiosity of the “promised land” of the red planet , a place named for scientists which combines three geological formations that would provide accurate data of Mars’ past.

The images, made up of two large mosaics, we show an arid landscape, similar to what we might find in area of our planet and that would help scientists identify part of the red planet’s past.

Currently lies in an area known by researchers as Glenelg or “promised land”, an enclave where the rover will spend the next few weeks taking samples that are then analyzed. Although the ultimate goal is to reach the mountain Curiosity Sharp, 5.5 km. away and where you think you might be the best conditions for the analysis of the planet, Glenelg is a unique landscape that will help the vehicle in its mission.

Some images that will help researchers to decide the path to be taken by the rover and so far never been analyzed.

Currently the vehicle has managed to pick up three types of samples on Mars. The first two were used to clean your own sample processing system while serving to “oxygenate” and clean any terrestrial contamination.

The third was “digested” by the rover for further analysis of its minerals. Some work where Curiosity has found a series of brilliant pieces. One of them was a plastic piece of the ship that carried the rover. The rest seem to be of Martian origin and will be discussed in the coming days.

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