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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Science |

Curiosity: water, sulfur and chlorine on Mars

Curiosity: water, sulfur and chlorine on Mars

Several weeks ago the NASA launched enigmatic words by John Grotzinger, lead researcher behind the mission to Mars. Was saying that they had ” information that would happen to the history books . “ Well, several weeks later, the soil analysis on have been disclosed. No organic compounds have been found, but water, chlorine and sulfur in the Martian surface .

Put another way, the results announced yesterday by NASA in the Congress of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, do not harbor the ingredients so you can make life as we know it is, some kind of organic substance that contains carbon.

The lecture given by the agency focused on the results obtained by the rover collected samples of sandy soil on Mars. Members of the NASA Curiosity announced they had found evidence of organic compounds on Mars, although nuanced to be determined whether the compounds, containing water, sulfur and chlorine, come from the planet. According to NASA:

There is a possibility that organic compounds could have come from Earth to Mars aboard the rover. There is also the possibility that they could have fallen into Mars from space.

Both options tarnish much Grotzinger words a few weeks ago. The scientist’s words had sparked all sorts of speculation about who would have found organic compounds Curiosity. NASA has been limited to minimize the words of the scientist days ago explaining that:

The rumors and speculation that there are significant new discoveries in the mission in this first stage are incorrect. At this point in the mission, the rover’s instruments have not detected any definitive proof of Martian organic compounds.

Grotzinger himself wanted the conference to emphasize that the public must be patient in terms of the results that are being obtained, highlighting the difficulty facing the agency to decipher the results on the red planet. Paul Mahaffy, principal investigator for SAM, the Curiosity analysis tool, explained that:

We have not yet definitively detected organic compounds on Mars, but we’ll keep looking at different environments Gale Crater.

Anyway, the conference ended with two confirmations. The first, Curiosity complex chemistry found among the ingredients are water, chlorine and sulfur. The second, and perhaps more disappointing, the rover has not yet found no clear evidence of possible life on Mars, organic compounds containing carbon.

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