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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Windows |

Customizing the edges of any window of Windows 8

Customizing the edges of any window of Windows 8

For several weeks it launched Windows 8, one of the products of the year at least at media and a new version of the Microsoft operating system with which I am personally quite pleased. It seems that I am not alone, and the numbers of users that have been licensed are already enough, but its success is not yet so clear. Meanwhile, those who use it, we learn new aspects of the system, such as customization.

In the past we have seen several articles on how to give a more personal touch to 8. For example, we have seen how the new home screen , and we talked about some steps to let our taste. We have also seen how to enable and disable the lock screen , which appears when you start the computer or a time when we are not using it and protect our content from prying eyes.

Today we take a step further and we turn to an external application that serves to change the borders of any window system, allowing us to expand both the size of one edge as the spacing between it and the window contents. His name is Tiny Windows Borders . Let’s see how it works.

Once you have downloaded the utility, put it in a directory and run. It is a portable program that requires no installation and no garbage elements introduced in the system. Immediately we have a very simple interface that focuses on a form with multiple options and multiple items to change the level of the rim. The options are:

  • Border width
  • Edge spacing

The first edge regulates the size of the window, while the second takes care of the padding. Fit is as easy as sliding control, ranging from small – smaller – to large – larger -. By using the apply button apply the changes, which we see reflected in the program window itself.

The application is fully functional and reliable, and has set in WinAero, a page that has been offering customization options for Windows systems. In his blog also give us enough customization tips, and a section for downloading themes for Windows 8. I recommend checking it out, but it is in English.

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