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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Internet |

Cyber Monday, exclusive deals after Black Friday hangover

Cyber Monday, exclusive deals after Black Friday hangover

For many of us the whole day on the net the term Black Friday is not new. This is an original action in the United States to mark the beginning of Christmas shopping on the Friday following Thanksgiving. A formula that has spread exponentially network across borders and reaching many countries. Something like what is currently happening today. Known as Cyber Monday , the Internet has an exclusive day of discounts and offers, a date that occurs after Black Friday.

It is a term created by companies operating in the network to launch discounts and unique opportunities. An action that began on November 28, 2005 with the online store, first coined Cyber Monday getting a great reception.

The term was a strategy in e-commerce for the holiday season 2005. According to Scott Silverman himself, company director, the idea came a year earlier, in 2004, based on research reflecting the Monday following Thanksgiving became one of the most influential days for users when Internet buying.

That first year, according to statistics, 77% of retailers operating in Internet sales increased substantially, a trend that each year has more:

  • In 2006, comScore reported that consumers spent $ 608 million on Cyber Monday (25%).
  • In 2007 the figure rose to $ 733 million (21%),
  • 2008 ended with a total of 846 million (15% more).
  • 2009 reached $ 887 million (5%).
  • 2010 reached a record of $ 1.028 million (16% more than the previous year).
  • 2011 came to U.S. $ 1.251 billion (22% more than in 2010).

And so, after that beginning in 2005, the term has become an international marketing Reef reaching many other countries. In 2008 came to Canada, and soon after “exported” to other European countries like UK, Germany, Portugal and France.

A unique opportunity to shop exclusive network where sites like Amazon or eBay in Bid for great savings today. According to ComScore itself, this year could be reached 1.5 billion dollars in purchases (20% more than the previous year).

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