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Dabbleboard, a slate to make meetings more productive

Dabbleboard, a slate to make meetings more productive

Through the network, it is becoming more common to develop projects and work with teams offshore, ie located in different geographic locations (businesses with multiple locations, employees who perform their duties in telecommuting , freelance …). In this type of work environments is crucial good coordination and the establishment of communication mechanisms that enable agile information to flow or concentrate all the information generated within a common repository. Tools like Skype or even the hangouts of Google + can help virtual meetings and, therefore, to “catch up” but the result of a meeting can occur with many ideas that interest us translate into some kind of conceptual map that the brainstorming is not lost and can be developed within the project, this task can also do it collaboratively using, for example, Dabbleboard

Dabbleboard tool is a collaborative that will allow us to work on the implementation of schemes and plot brainstorming process using a kind of whiteboard that we can share with members of our team. The tool offers users a free and paid, of course with a scope something different in each case but find no problems working with the free version because it offers an unlimited number of users that can join our projects.

Usage is quite simple, we can draw freehand, using lines and arrows in the library that is included in the application, upload images (including images posted on other websites), invite others to help with the work, discuss with them through chat included, and after completion of the project, export it all in a PNG format image (in the paid version can be exported in SVG vector format and edit in applications such as Microsoft Visio or Adobe Illustrator). In addition, we will have the option to insert our drawing on any web page as the application will provide the HTML code to insert to make the process as simple as possible.

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Given that, really, registration is only necessary to save our work in the cloud, there are many barriers to entry to use this application as to invite other users to project all you have to do is share with them the url of invitation (mailing it or spreading it on the tool we use internally to coodinarnos / contact) or directly enter their e-mails to them send a message with the link to the project.

Dabbleboard is an interesting way to avoid losing the ideas raised during a meeting, a presentation on the correct way and do more productive meetings without waiting for someone to take notes to send us the record of what we have been reviewing .

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