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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Technology |

DARPA Robotics Challenge: the world’s most advanced robots

Presented earlier today during a conference, Gill Pratt, program manager DARPA Robotics Challenge , introduced the latest developments of this curious challenge announced earlier this year. As we see in the images, the robots have characteristics closer and closer to those of a human in various environments.

Climbing stairs, jump or move over different obstacles are some of the variations we see in the development of these robots “humanoids”. Everything under the program known as DARPA Robotics Challenge, a program in partnership with Boston Dynamics for anyone involved in the advancement of robotic technology beyond the current limits for the creation of autonomous machines disaster in future missions.

announced and the “challenge” in the month of April:

The program created by each team will compete in a series of challenges that simulate real-life disaster. To be useful to the Defense Department will need to offer enhancements to current productivity. Those who win will be used in the real world with humans in shared environments.

The designs are welcome provided they are compatible in human-robot shared environments compatible with human tools and support for a man with no experience in robotics can give orders. The key to successfully overcome this challenge requires robots to be adaptable, with the ability to use human tools available, from hand tools to vehicles.

It is every citizen of the world with knowledge can be part of the challenge. Winners will receive cash prizes in addition to contracts and grants.

One challenge that has started this October and already has spectacular these early images. I leave you with the Video that DARPA launched in April as an example of what a robot could present the challenge.

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