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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Technology |

DARPA will design a tank for the Marines by crowdsourcing

DARPA will design a tank for the Marines by crowdsourcing

If there is an organization in the United States that continues to generate research projects, no doubt, that would DARPA . The research agency of the Department of Defense of the United States manages a large portfolio of projects whose scope the area of ​​defense, ie, support or improvement serving the Forces Armaas U.S.. The Marine Corps is one of the beneficiaries of these projects and, this week, showed us the latest from LS3 , a support robot that emulates the pack mules wearing many armies in their marches until World War II but, so we can see, DARPA still has a few more things in the pipeline for the Marines. The last known initiatives is the development of a new amphibious vehicle and to carry it out, opened a design competition for design enthusiasts or engineering can participate and contribute ideas.

This competition, which answers to the name FANG (Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle), aims to collect ideas and, among all, design a new amphibious vehicle for the Marine Corps, ie, a that is capable also get around by water. Contest is closed to the U.S. and, indeed, the site to participate does not allow access from IP addresses outside the country, with this premise, DARPA expects institutions, companies, research groups or even subject enthusiasts working on ideas that help shape the concept of this new vehicle and to encourage the idea, DARPA plans to invest a million dollars in prizes.

Surprisingly enough that DARPA will develop a military vehicle using the * crowdsourcing, ie the ideas of people outside the military sphere but the agency hopes this initiative will serve to give a breath of fresh air to the projects to attract new ideas.

To channel this initiative, DARPA has divided the contest into three phases, the first focused on the design of mobility systems and amphibious vehicle transmission (which is what is currently open), a second phase will focus on the design Chassis and survival systems (which will be launched in late 2013) and, in 2014, DARPA hopes to open the third and final phase of the challenge that will be addressed in the overall design of the vehicle.

DARPA will design a tank for the Marines by crowdsourcing image 2

With the idea of making things easier for the participants, and encourage telework, DARPA has made ​​available to the participating teams online collaboration tool called VehicleFORGE with design tools and “building blocks” with which to build designs .

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