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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Video Games |

Dear Rockstar, want GTA V for PC

Dear Rockstar, want GTA V for PC

Not me alone, I say nearly 75,000 who have signed the petition on to launch the next version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto archiconocido also for PC. Alarms jumped a few days after the developer, after the release of trailers and advance information about the game, did not say a single word on a version of the outside of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 .

In time, and after a week, there is only 25% of the 100,000 signatures that aims. In the words of Dan Houser, one of the makers of the game, Rockstar co-founder and father of the saga, the option to launch a PC is open to consideration if they see enough market for it. It was precisely these words that encouraged Mike Julliard, the person behind the on assemble the proposal and see if it reached the desired results.

At this point, I think you just have no doubt that will come soon to Julliard effectively target of 100,000 signatures but by then the big question remains whether Rockstar will care enough to consider a PC release also. Grand Theft Auto takes on this platform since 1997 with the release of the first game in the series and has been with all versions including the latest, GTA IV.

GTA IV occurred precisely occurred first release for Xbox and PlayStation, in April 2008, and the PC version not come nearly eight months later, in December. Maybe Rockstar’s silence regarding this release in this case was for the same reasons and have thought then and can throw that indeed this time and thought they had to do without it.

Personally, I started playing Grand Theft Auto on PC, with GTA III and before the horrified look somewhat odd family. After arrive Vice City, San Andreas and GTA IV to play both console and PC, always recognizing that the latter always has a special charm that is lost on Xbox or PlayStation. It might be for the benefits of the mouse, it is better to aim and shoot in my opinion, because with a good machine can upload full graphics and introduce further into chaos and destruction of the city or may be by completely different reasons, the fact is that GTA was designed for PC and it should continue. Hopefully the request meets the number of signatures sufficient and that Rockstar will think a little more.

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