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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Decreased production of iPhone 5 to improve its quality control

Decreased production of iPhone 5 to improve its quality control

That the is having supply problems is not new. The reason, says Bloomberg , would be that Apple would increase the quality controls in following problems with aluminum, which also happens to reduce production.

Some of the first buyers of the iPhone 5 could be disappointed when you open the box, especially if they did away from the store: some had scratches or marks on your aluminum edge. Although Apple iPhone instantly changes the moron on the other, it is clear that this is a problem to be overcome, especially if the numbers of devices with this defect of anecdote passed.

Specifically, the black colored iPhone 5 was who else was affected by this, because its aluminum is coated with black paint jumping with some scratches, while white shows the silver natural (though in some cases have also been sighted brands). To avoid this problem, or at least minimize it to the fullest, Apple has tightened quality controls at Foxconn, the plant where the phones are assembled, deriving this a slower production than estimated. In fact, it was having to stop for a day in a factory, according to the source.

At Apple has not gone as well as expected the launch of its latest creation, but it is hoped that with the passage of time are restored back to normal time limits and have sufficient supplies in their stores.

Picture: PhoneDog

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