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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Entertainment, Social Networks |

Deezer: a serious alternative to Spotify

Deezer: a serious alternative to Spotify

If we talk about online music services, without doubt, Spotify is one of the first references that come to mind, but there are also notable for their services and catalog. Deezer is one of them, and before landing on its announced Latin America, can be very interesting to analyze their options.

According to the numbers they give, has 2 million subscribers and 26 million users, and has agreements with the four major music labels as well as other independent 1000. Is one such project that since 2007 has been progressing slowly, building a legal model of music distribution based on trade agreements with record companies, artists and social media like Facebook. This contrasts with a similar service which we discussed in Bitelia, Grooveshark , which, despite its large user base and the usability of its website, has a very uncertain future for the accumulation of lawsuits.

Deezer was born in France and has been covered elsewhere in Europe apart from Asia and the USA, up to be present in 160 countries. On several occasions had advanced that they would launch its services also in Latin America, which have confirmed a few hours ago, after receiving an investment of 130 million dollars from Access Industries. This, and the fact that closed a contract with mobile provider Millicom International Cellular (which operates under the Tigo brand), and an agreement with the Spanish-language content portal starMedia will make many users to begin testing one of the few streaming services in the region. To learn more about the possibilities of Deezer, analyze its features and benefits.

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What offers

Deezer has a catalog of 20 million tracks available applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Currently, Deezer lets try it for a period of 15 days with all features so you can decide which you prefer subscription plans:

  • Free: We listen to online radio stations. If we look and listen to a specific song, you have a limited time of 30 seconds per topic.
  • Premium: We hear a month unlimited music on your computer, both PC and Mac The price is 4.99 euros per month.
  • Premium +: The total subscription services can be used from mobile, tablet or Smart TV. We synchronize playlists you’ve created.

You can log through a self or with your Facebook credentials. Once inside, Deezer will offer you a home with music recommendations based on your location (in Spain in default “Spanish / Latino”) although this can be changed to other genres (Pop, Indie, Rock, etc.) Via a dropdown. The Home is also built-in player and two menus: Discovery, where we can find different types of recommendations to discover artists, and Library, where we upload our MP3 to add.

We select our favorites and add them to our music, share them between our contacts in Deezer, Facebook, Twitter, or even buy the songs via Amazon or iTunes.

It has a very good audio quality and offers the possibility of making lists, Spotify’s way, something certainly very useful and most used functions by users. To save the lists in offline mode requires you to use Chrome as a browser.

Mobile Service

Deezer has agreements with telecommunications operators in different countries, and this will allow you to, among other things, be the first streaming music service to Honduras, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Bolivia and El Salvador.

One of the features that are differentiated want custom lists for each region, where there will be both new artists as consolidated figures, and users can recommend music to others no matter what country they are located.

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In mobile version also have the options to discover new music, as the rankings, recommendations Deezer publishers and radio stations. From the mobile phone with one click you can download any album or artist theme you want, so it is available to listen to offline mode, in a really instant but obviously this depends on your connection and you can configure it to do so only when you connected to a Wi-Fi, not the 3G. The mobile application is complete and has all the features that can be found on their website, but we have to keep in mind that we can not take it if it is not paying the more expensive subscription plan.

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