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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in News |

Develop a liquid metal elastic cables

Develop a liquid metal elastic cables

Researchers at the University of North Carolina report they have developed elastic can be scaled up to eight times its original size without any loss in maintaining their quality. They may be used for a variety of things among which headphones or even incorporate them into a fabric material. A big step for the technology .

For these wires, researchers have developed a cable one compound of resilient polymer filled with a liquid metal alloy, gallium and indium. Thanks to this, it is achieved very efficient electrical conductor which operate perfectly even when the cable is stretched to maximum.

According to Dr. Michael Dikey before attempting to create embedding resilient metal wires, or other materials that would permit the electrical conductivity, elastic polymer. However, the result was not entirely satisfactory. The more metal, better conductivity but less elasticity. However, their intention was to offer both maximum conductivity without losing elasticity. To get it, he explains that his method focuses on isolating materials, treated separately in order to get the best of each.

At the moment before popularized among manufacturers want improved. Ensure that you are trying to avoid full metal leaks in case of damage to the cable, ie if short breaks or simply refer it to a higher expansion than it actually allows, that’s enough.

These cables are really amazing because until now we did not know anything similar on the market. In everyday life, this development will affect us very favorably. We live in a world surrounded by wires and getting to live without them much remains. For now, have a great application in phone chargers, cameras, computers, tablets and especially on headphones. In fact, made a video showing its operation.

Can you imagine a flexible? Generally, we tend to roll up and are often entangled. In the end, we usually carry in your pocket often stop working quite often. Thanks to this development, could become much more durable because of its great flexibility.

This breakthrough is an important step in the evolution of flexible technology. Almost all electronic devices use some form of cable. One of the great advantages, for example, might be to reduce its diameter. If the cables are fixed colocasen stretched, continue paying the most occupying much less space.

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