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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Hardware |

Develop a material that could be used to make armor thickness of a sheet of paper

Develop a material that could be used to make armor thickness of a sheet of paper

MIT scientists have developed a nanomaterial that could lead to one day see bulletproof plates of thickness of a sheet of paper. This could be used both as body armor coating of satellites and space suits to avoid impact damage of mini meteors.

The theory that one day we might see a compound as thin as paper but it was so strong to stop a bullet has always been planning on the head of the scientists. Yet never have happened to the practical field since all tests have come to nothing. All this has been so far as scientists and Rice University have developed a revolutionary stress test in which microscopic particles are fired glass material capable of absorbing the impact.

These glass particles were the size of a millionth of a meter in diameter and are fired by a laser pulse technique developed at MIT for several years. Although these shells are much smaller than a bullet, the experiment results could be projected to a larger scale to predict how the material would behave with greater impact.

The polymer that constitutes the material becomes rigid layers alternating with other single flexible nanometer thick. You could see the profile electron microscope and found that the material was 30% more resistant to lateral frontal impacts. In the picture we see the How is the material after impact. This discovery may change how protective materials are made today.

Currently scientists are studying how to record real-time impacts to better understand how the process works. Progress in this area would provide improvements not only in the field of defense but also in aerospace.

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