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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Technology |

Develop a robotic snake seeking to destroy tumors

Develop a robotic snake seeking to destroy tumors

We see it in the image is the latest creation engineers OC Robotics in Bristol, UK. A technology presented at the recent International Conference on Cancer where developed engineering unveiled the prototype. A snake robot could help surgeons to reach deep area of the body without having to “open”.

Although certainly disturbing appearance, this snake shaped arm would have the ability, for example, locate and eradicate tumor types.

The reason that the instrument is in the shape of a serpent was explained by OC Robotics team. By all accounts, this mechanism will result snake minimally invasive procedures.

After commissioning, the snake enters the body through a local incision or through a body orifice. This would allow surgeons to look deep into the body. The device has a camera and a series of sensitive equipment that allow surgeons to track and guide them in the process.

Although many of you may remember as science fiction Prometheus Alien or more recently, the snake would have great implications medical robotics reducing the need for large incisions and explorations, which would reduce the risks of types.

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