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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Technology |

Develop a vibration-based virtual keyboard for smartphones

Develop a vibration-based virtual keyboard for smartphones

Today nobody is surprised to see a touchscreen device, have become something in everyday life and it is not uncommon to have a touchscreen smartphone or a tablet. The screens we use today have nothing to do with the touch screens we saw a few years ago and we offer a very comfortable user experience where, for example, write an email is not a big problem. Although we can write with some comfort, if we have to write a long text, may prefer a conventional and although there are accessories on the market that let you fit a keyboard to a tablet, a student at Goldsmiths University of London has developed a curious system we would write on a keyboard printed on a single sheet of paper .

Make copies our keyboard? It may sound weird, and really has nothing to do with the world of 3D printing as literally use the keyboard to be printed on a sheet of paper. Surely, at one time or another have seen keyboards that project based Infrared keys on a table and a sensor detects the position of our fingers Krautli Florian , a student of Cognitive Computing, has simplified this approach leveraging the accelerometer that can be found in any smartphone, such as an iPhone.

In this unique project, Krautli decided to use the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect the vibrations generated by pressing with your fingers on a flat surface, ie, the user would press the keys printed on paper and the terminal will detect the vibration generated by the accelerometer and , depending on the intensity detected, assume that you have pressed a key or other (task performed by the software developed Krautli).

For now, the system has an accuracy of 80% and, frankly, it’s not bad when you consider that, at times, our accuracy when writing an email on a touch screen is not much higher. The software has been developed to run on an iPhone 4 but according to its developer says, no resort would suit other smartphones.

An interesting way to improve our productivity when answering messages or take with our smartphones and tablets.

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