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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Technology |

Develop “flying motorcycle” Star Wars for military

Although not exactly the same, what we see on the images is the construction of a vehicle in the image which we see in Star Wars . The construction of the “flying motorcycle” in the series have been developed and tested in the Mojave Desert with surprising results.

Developed by the company Aerofex , the vehicle does not use anti-gravity devices, obviously, but is based on a powerful fan and a control system patented by the company that enables easy operation for any beginner.

A motorcycle whose first demonstration took place in the Mojave Desert as seen in the Video and you can reach this first prototype in the 50 km/h rising to 4 meters.

A feat when you consider that these bikes are being marketed tried unsuccessfully for decades. In most cases due to stability problems that made it impossible to safe driving.

According to Mark De Roche, an aerospace engineer and founder of Aerofex:

We created a new mechanical control system is able to capture the translations between the axles as balancing while active aerodynamic controls necessary to counteract the movement.

Thus the only rider must lean and naturally balanced in the same way you would when riding a motorcycle or bicycle, instinctively.

The bad news is that the moment will not be marketed to the public. Aerofex wants to sell the vehicle to the military, who will be the first to enjoy the technology. Since the company makes sure that can be implemented for heavy lifting in rough terrain without having to worry about the wheels.

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