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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Photography |

Developing a technology to refocus pictures after taking them

Developing a technology to refocus pictures after taking them

is developing a technology that will refocus a photo after it is taken, as we learned in The Asahi Shimbun , like the camera Lytro . Is expected to incorporate some phones and tablets by the end of 2013. Thus, we will have a second chance to perhaps help us get the picture we had in mind before making them.

There are moments that are unique, occurring once and no more. If until now we had the misfortune to take a picture and it went wrong, we were not going back. So he stayed. But now, thanks to this technology that Toshiba is working, we will have a second chance to get the shot we wanted from the beginning but we had no time to do it well.

Toshiba’s new technology consists of a cubic centimeter module located in front of a 5×7 mm sized sensor. The module will consist of a total of 500,000 glasses of 0.03 mm in diameter each. Prevail this feature? Added on or continue to pursue extreme thinness? Although we are becoming used to seeing larger and larger screens, the depth is reduced and the new standards and are at least an inch. If you want to implement that technology should return to fatten the terminals.

How does technology? Each lens captures a slightly different image to the other and finally thanks to software developed by Toshiba is able to combine each to get a full picture using each of them. Additionally, the camera has the ability to measure the distance to the objects found by the small differences between images, like cameras incorporating two lenses to create three dimensional images.

It is also possible to focus elements located in the foreground and others in the background superimposing several images. That is, you can set the focus anywhere in the photo, something hitherto impossible in conventional cameras.

Toshiba plans to commercialize this technology by the end of next year and plans to the manufacturers of the phones and tablets taken to incorporate it into their latest devices.

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