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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Hardware |

Development of an optical camouflage that lets you see through the back seat of a car

Development of an optical camouflage that lets you see through the back seat of a car

Professor Masahiko Inami, a researcher at the University of Keiko , in Tokyo, has developed a technology that projects the view behind a car in the rear seats, making the back of the vehicle seem transparent. This technology could end accidents when parking or caused by reversing.

Although it seems straight out of a James Bond film the reality is that currently do not have a whole car camouflaged. So far researchers have implemented in the back of a car, above the seats. This two cameras are mounted on the rear of the car and the images are sent to the onboard computer, which processes the images and projects them in the rear by a camera mounted on the headrest of the driver. The result is an illusion to think that the rear of the car is gone.

The screen on which is projected the image is made of a material called recursive reflector which makes the light projected rebound in the direction issued, resulting in much clearer images in dark environments such as inside vehicles.

Still have to see how the system would work with passengers sitting in the rear seats but Professor Inami is already thinking about an evolution of technology that would allow transparent doors to help truck drivers to see nearby vehicles in the crosses and, in future, to adapt the system to the vehicle in order to have a completely transparent around us.

At the University of Keiko already thinking about mass producing it and are already making contacts with automakers hoping to market the product within five years.

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