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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Development PHP, Ruby and HTML directly from the cloud

As the years pass, the world of programming is geared more and more mobile and web environments, the result of our increasing consumption-and dependency-from it. Thus, it is rare to find all types of tools to use without leaving this, even IDEs and editors to help us develop other tools.

I recently talked about web programming without leaving the browser , on a very good editor which unfortunately was only features for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All this is fine, but as you know there are other languages used to create more complex and dynamic websites. or are among them, and ShiftEdit is an excellent idea to work with them directly from the cloud.

ShiftEdit IDE is a fully online where we can work independently of the computer where we are. No more having to install heavy environments, and libraries. With we create, edit and then publish our code snippets PHP, Ruby or even write routines work our and CSS.

Best of all is that it connects to our Dropbox account, or FTP for our documents are in the cloud, and a trust account.

If we wish, we can install the Chrome application , although it is a project supported by any of the commonly used browsers.

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