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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Science |

Diabetes pills approved in 1958 could be key in the fight against cancer

Diabetes pills approved in 1958 could be key in the fight against cancer

The new treatment for cancers such as breast, colon or prostate among others could be a drug for approved in 1958 . Metformin Analyses suggest that this is a new measure of prevention.

And is that metformin is a common drug used to lower blood sugar, a drug that is currently in depth study of worldwide following an investigation that yielded some surprising results.

An investigation launched after scientists found in a form of metformin prevent tumors in mice and that those who had diabetes were less likely to develop a malignancy if the drugs were used diabetes pill daily.

Metformin is a drug currently being dispensed nearly 120 million times a year according to the latest report in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. If successful recent trials of breast and other tumors, medically could become a cheap weapon in the fight against the disease, according to preliminary investigations, focused primarily on the types of pancreatic and ovarian.

Account Portteu Chandini, who continues the investigation, that:

The hope is to see if it gets safely and effectively, then this would be a really cheap drug available. It would be wonderful for all patients to know that we had something going on that has proven safe, effective and inexpensive.

Now we have to wait and see results in tests that are being made. Been successfully completed, a pill more than 50 years ago could be a new weapon against cancer.

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