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Die Stanford Ovshinsky, inventor of NiMH batteries

Die Stanford Ovshinsky, inventor of NiMH batteries

Throughout different notes have been published on the we are seeing some of the most significant milestones in the technology sector and, most importantly, the people whose effort and ingenuity have contributed to today on this day, we can enjoy a number of online services and electronic devices. One aspect that we exploit more today is that of mobility thanks to laptops, tablets and smartphones, devices that allow us to work or connect to the Internet without ties and without being connected to the grid through the use of . Something that may seem so commonplace (and even somewhat dated) as a NiMH battery (battery nickel metal hybrid) originally marked a turning point not only revolutionized the field of electronic dispotivos but has also led to a revolution in the automotive sector with electric cars, an invention devised by Stanford Ovshinsky , unfortunately, died last Wednesday at the age of 89 years .

Robert Stanford Ovshinsky was born on November 24, 1922 in Ohio and for 50-year career, he worked on more than 400 patents focused on electricity and energy storage to the point of having collaborated in the design of the first battery General Motors electric vehicle, be considered the Thomas Edison of the twentieth century as the Economist or Hero of the Planet by Time magazine in 1999.

Ovshinsky was a self-taught inventor, in fact, never studied at university and upon graduation from high school, he locked himself to study on their own physical sciences, mathematics or chemistry to acquire a scientific basis by the books he had in the city public library. At 23 patented his first design and, at the early age of 30 years, and was director of research of the Hupp Motor Company where he began working in automation and automatic control systems to re-establish himself (this time in a company he founded with his brother). In the late ’50s, was very interested in the world of semiconductors and energy, so with his wife, founded the company Energy Conversion Devices .

Within Energy Conversion Devices, Ovshinsky began working with crystals and amorphous materials with the idea of developing semiconductor devices, which would work to develop solar cells, “crystal transistors” that would give rise to the development of LCDs or patent bases that would develop the CDs and DVDs that can be re-recorded. However, one of its key inventions was, no doubt, NiMH batteries, ie batteries and nickel metal hybrid in which would specialize in design and manufacturing (in fact, the company was active until last) and also enter into the field of fuel cells .

With 800 patents abroad, 400 U.S. patents and over 300 scientific articles on batteries, fuel cells, optical storage media, LCD screens or solar panels, Ovshinsky died Wednesday after struggling for years against prostate cancer but, despite his illness, he continued working on the design of a new type of photovoltaic cell easily manufactured with high performance and wanted to revolutionize the clean energy sector.

I have more than 400 patents and 15 pending processing. While I can see that working, work is my civic responsibility to solve problems. Someone has to

Images: Flickr , Forum of chalcogeniders and HTTP Insider

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