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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Curiosities |

Diego Stocco and modified musical instruments

Diego Stocco and modified musical instruments

The musician and sound artist of Italian descent Diego Stocco , who lives in the Californian city of Burbank, has created a fascinating musical video titled Custom Built Orchestra. Stocco’s work is characterized by the combination of sounds created from common objects and modified instruments .

In his new work we can see more than a dozen instruments “tuned” by Stocco, some have been created from scratch, others are enhanced with new parts, and must be due to some structural defect, are altered in such a way that make a new instrument.

The images of the modified instruments may seem grotesque but the resulting sound is more than acceptable, quite surprising and innovative, and very sophisticated.

The artist explains how the project was born and made:

I’ve always loved the pure musical power that an orchestra can be expressed, so that, after creating a series of videos I am making various pieces I designed an instrument, I decided to take the concept further and create my own orchestra Instrument formed extraordinarily unique.

The project began with a varied selection of handmade instruments, after I wrote a composition where I could get them all and finally realized each part. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed doing it.

To Stocco his work builds on away instrumental:

In addition to the objects and materials bought at the store, use pieces from damaged instruments, which can no longer be used in the traditional manner. Each year, hundreds of musical instruments are discarded or sold for parts.

Barricaded behind a Arcophonico or Experiviolon, Stocco demonstrates that imagination, music, art and crafts are not mutually exclusive, and that gathering all these disciplines can create something so modern and beautiful as Custom Built Orchestra.