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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Disable widgets on the lock screen of Android 4.2

Disable widgets on the lock screen of Android 4.2

continues to grow, and each version significantly improves the previous one, but the criticism of some aspects of the latest Off The Air update released by Google have been enough. Android 4.2.1 even called Jelly Bean, adds fixes several critical bugs that were included in the precipitous 4.2 but still not convince with your new lock screen.

The has been with Android since its early versions, and is the way we can access relevant information, such as date and time, at a glance, without having to worry about the cellular actions do not wish while in the pocket. Of course, it is also a form of basic protection against people who might get to use our terminal without us knowing.

And where the controversy arises in the lock screen of Android 4.2? Arises precisely the change in the design of it to display more information, which is not liked by many as a lock screen more complex means losing speed access, for example, to the camera. Android 4.2 includes the ability to add widgets to the lock screen, which can be a good idea but it may conflict with our use of the terminal, and ultimately may be unwilling functionality that most Android users.

Fortunately, there is a way to re-let the screen as it was on and off widgets, all with a few taps on the screen and through Lockscreen Policy , a third party application that can be found on Google Play and download for free .

Once you have downloaded the application on your terminal, simply activate its functionality-no need to root – giving the system administrator permissions to the app to later choose from the Chamber or Widgets, which can enable or disable. If you disable the camera will remove it from the lock screen, leaving available the drag right. The same goes for the widgets once we turned off the option. Another functionality of the application is to reverse the appearance of digital clock lock screen, which now appears in bold and the hours can not be customized, but for this if need root access.

The application is completely simple and painless, causing no harm to any load or system, and being able to turn off at all times, not only through the restoration of the options but revoking permissions on the same system. Without doubt one of the best options to get rid of some of the aspects of the new Android lock screen.

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