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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Technology |

Discover the new Office (II): Word 2013

Discover the new Office (II): Word 2013

Undoubtedly, Word is one of the cornerstones of all Microsoft Office suites. As outlined below, this new version has focused on improving aspects of reading documents, teamwork and refinement of small details.

Enjoy reading

With the new Word 2013, users can enjoy a greater focus on reading screen, thanks to the absence of distractions that caused the toolbars.

  • New way of reading: The text reflows automatically in columns for easier reading.
  • Zoom: When users view tables, graphs, images or videos online, just click twice with your finger or click the mouse to look more closely at the details.
  • Resume reading: automatically dials the last point seen. That is, when we open a document, Word 2013 will open with the last page we have reviewed, even if we open the document on a different computer.


The sharing of documents reviewed by several people is more efficient than any other version of the product.

  • Reply comments: The new Word 2013 includes the option to respond to comments right side of the text that is under review, increasing productivity when doing computer work.

The mere marking of a review, provides a clear view of what changes have been made in the document. Also, if a task proposed in a comment has been made, we mark it as such, so you know the whole group.

  • Simplified Sharing: By default, our documents are saved in SkyDrive or SharePoint. Users can send a file link to people they see fit with different reading and editing permissions.
  • Online Presentation: In the new Word 2013, users can share their documents with other people even if they have Word installed on your PC, thanks to the Office Web Apps.

Enhancing details

Word 2013 has been focused on the final details of the documents for all of them acquire professional touch when necessary.

  • Alignment Guides: With the new version, you can align the photos, videos and diagrams in the text very easily.
  • Dynamic Distribution: The text is automatically redistributed to drag a photo or video, showing a preview of how it will end content.
  • PDF Support: With Word 2013, users can open and edit the contents of PDFs as in any other document.

Remember that you can try the new features of Word, and other products that will detail shortly, in the evaluation version is available for Office 2013.

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