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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Technology |

Discover the new Office (III): PowerPoint 2013

Discover the new Office (III): PowerPoint 2013

The new PowerPoint 2013 has a new look cleaner and is ready to be used on tablets, mobile devices and touch panels.

The themes now come with changes that will allow us to further refine the desired look of our presentations.


Use new themes and variations pan, add videos, images and forms, and create custom icons with effective tools, it is possible with the new PowerPoint.

  • Home screen: The new home experience will help us start the creative process with a collection of new songs.
  • Variations theme: The themes come with a set of variations, such as color palettes and different font families. In you can choose alternative color schemes and then apply the look we want with a simple click.
  • Alignment Guides: we will need only take a quick look at the objects in the slides to see if they are aligned. The new Smart Guides appear automatically, and provide us with information about the spacing between objects.
  • Drawing on the move: In the new PowerPoint 2013, when we create a moving line, the program will display where the object ends. That is, our original object remains fixed, and a ghost image moves along its path to the end point.
  • Multimedia Enhancements: PowerPoint 2013 supports most multimedia formats, such as. Mp4 or. Mov. With H.264 and (AAC) have content high definition.
  • Color Dropper: We capture the exact color of an object on the screen, and then apply it to anything else easily.

View Presenter

An improved Presenter View will help us stay organized and focused on our presentation, keeping audiences hooked.

  • Zoom Slide: We will have the ability to direct public attention to the main point. Expand a chart or graph with a few clicks and then reduce as easily.
  • Network Navigation: Jump easily slides (in or out of sequence) in a grid that only we will see, our audience will see only what we have selected.
  • Automatic Display: When we project to a second screen, settings ensure that our presentation appears on the screen correctly.
  • Widescreen Support: Many of the world’s televisions are widescreen formats in high definition. For this reason, PowerPoint 2013 16:9 incorporates themes designed to maximize the potential of this type of display.
  • PowerPoint Online: With the new PowerPoint, we can share our presentations in various ways on the web. Sending a link to the slides to be viewed in the Office Web Apps, or start a meeting using Lync from anywhere.


Improved collaboration tools, we facilitate the work with others in the same presentation at the same time from different computers.

  • Comments: We write and follow the comments next to the text you’re trying for all to see who responded to whom and when.
  • Co-authoring in PowerPoint Web App: We work with our team in the same presentation at the same time since our browser with PowerPoint Web App, without needing to have installed the desktop version.

In addition to these developments, the new PowerPoint 2013 as well as other products in the suite is optimized to run on touch devices. We may use the typical gestures and touch, swipe, zoom and move our slideshows quickly.

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