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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Technology |

Discover the new Office (IV): OneNote 2013

Discover the new Office (IV): OneNote 2013

is a digital notebook that allows us to create, capture, store and share all types of information.

Our notes are automatically saved in the cloud and access them when we need them from multiple devices or the web browser itself.

The cloud

With the new OneNote 2013, we keep all our files on our SkyDrive or SharePoint account of our organization. From there, we can view, edit, sync and share all of our content, and work on it together with family or classmates while.

Synchronization between devices

By storing our notebook in the cloud, the content is kept synchronized across applications OneNote 2013 will have on our favorite devices, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and Simbian.

We may also use the free Office Web Apps from almost any browser.

Hand Entry

Draw, erase and edit gently with your finger, stylus or touch mouse on any device. If we need to share our handwritten notes and legibility concerns us, OneNote 2013 can automatically convert handwriting into our text.


Improved Send to OneNote tool makes it easier to cut what we are seeing on our screen, and thus send a web page or an entire document to a section of your notebook.

Embedded file

With OneNote 2013, you can insert images, videos and documents in our digital notes easily. Furthermore, we can also insert Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams, of which we get a preview of the content that can be edited quickly.


OneNote 2013 automatically saves the content as we work, so we can concentrate on our task without worrying about data loss. Consumers can also use the instant search tool to see every detail of what we have created or saved in OneNote.

Ultimately, OneNote 2013 allow us to create digital notes on a pad with a modern appearance that eliminates all kinds of distractions in the interface. Its full integration with the cloud ensures we obtain all of our content when we need anywhere from a mobile device, tablet or web browser.

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