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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Technology |

Discover the new Office (V): Excel 2013

Discover the new Office (V): Excel 2013

The first thing we will appeal the new Excel 2013 is completely new appearance. It’s cleaner, but designed to help professional looking results quickly.

Consumers will find new features that allow them to get away from the typical cell or numbers, and use new graphics can improve the collection of information.


Consumers can easily extract the necessary information imported with fast fill tool, quickly running a complex analysis of the PivotTable.

PivotTable recommended: The new summarizes our data with previews of several options in the PivotTable, allowing us to select the option that best expresses our idea.

Filling fast: This new tool makes it easier to reformat and reorganize our data. Excel 2013 learns and recognizes the pattern key completion remaining data without new cells.


The new recommended Graphics button in the Insert tab allows you to choose between a variety of default graphics that will be perfect to refine the results of our presentations.

Recommended Graphics: Excel 2013 charts we recommend that best illustrate our data patterns. Also, get a preview of the chart and its options for us to choose the most correct before saving.

Quick Analysis: Consumers can discover various ways to represent our data visually. When we like the result of our work, we apply formats, lines, graphics or tables with a single click.

Control Format Graphics: The graphics can change title, design and set of elements in an easy and fast, within a more interactive interface.


With Excel 2013 is easier to work in a team with others. Now we can share information, send links to our colleagues, publishing content on social networks or online submission.

Simplified Sharing: By default, our Excel 2013 documents saved in the cloud SkyDrive or SharePoint. From there, we can send our companions a link to the same file, together with the read or edit.

Social Networking: With Excel 2013 we may share portions of our documents or spreadsheets, encrusting in our favorite social networks.

In short, the new Excel 2013 that is filled with news, gives us new ways to explore our data in a more intuituva. Consumers will be able to visualize, analyze, display and share the results of their work as never before.

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