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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Mobile |

Discovering Android apps according to your mood

Discovering Android apps according to your mood

Cugga App Market is not an app store, but a way of rediscovering Google Play, the official application store offered by Google itself. This is a very good idea because instead of ordering its contents by generic categories, offers the ability to download apps depending on our mood.

By installing the application we have a wizard that will guide us in the operation. Basically, we have to consider two different ways to discover applications:

  • Moving fingers horizontally and vertically to move couple different categories of mood or by Cugga Trends, applications that are creating trend at that time for other users.
  • Use the search icon, available at the top right of the screen and with similar functionality to other applications.

Once we know the operation, we set out to prove it. Suppose for example, we’re bored. Select the category I’m so bored, or I’m bored. Automatically we access several subcategories focused on entertainment, among which we Addicting games, listening to music or chat applications. Selecting one of them access directly to its component applications.

The way recorrerlas is very bright with a descriptive image full screen and basic information, such as price or size. Advanced information access is as easy as making a gesture displaying the left pane, and downloaded using icon below: All applications are legitimate and belong to the official Google store. Are we not satisfied with the suggested application? We can go to the next slide your finger from the bottom up.

A different way of recoating applications, and surely returning to take advantage of Google Play, a store that veteran users may have abandoned because they already have applications that typically use.

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