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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Software |

Discovering Windows 8 (I): The home screen

Discovering Windows 8 (I): The home screen

The new of that can be modified to create a space that suits our style offers all the information you need in one place, such as contacts, time or upcoming appointments on our calendar.

We can establish the design that we like using the various themes and colors available in the settings of the home screen, you can access them deploying access buttons from the right edge of our screen and clicking on Settings – Change settings of PC.

We may be complicated as we go installing new apps from the Windows Store glance find what we need, which is why the new startup screen of Windows 8 is possible to create custom groups in a simple way, we simply click the button to decrease the view that find applications in the bottom right, select the applications you want to show in our new group and name.

The applications of the home screen are filled with content that changes and updates in real time so we can see what’s going on and be aware of developments. These same applications have two types of sizes that we can choose to stop their momentum or remove them from the screen with a single click on them.

Finally, in our home screen options find our username to change our image of rapidly account, sign or enter the lock screen of Windows 8, similar to Windows Phone , in which we find notices our applications and information on the date and time.

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