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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Technology |

Discovering Windows 8 (II): The access buttons

Discovering Windows 8 (II): The access buttons

With new Windows 8 can easily manage our applications and configurations used in our system, we can access them using the keyboard shortcut Windows + C, or just quickly slide your finger from the right edge if we use a Touch team, or moving our mouse to bottom right.

These 5 hot keys offer a new easy way to control the experience offered by Windows 8:

  • The search button provides a powerful search tool to find any configuration, applications or files hidden in your PC, but also when used within an application will help us find hidden items within the same, as in the Windows Store apps .
  • The button will allow us tranferir compatir information from one PC to another, only through the store applications, such as integrating social networks like Twitter or Facebook, or others such as the Post, from which we are able to compatir any file through our email with a single click.
  • The Home button that now as the Windows key on your keyboard as the color changes that we have active in our home screen quickly transports us to the last application from the home screen or vice versa.
  • The button devices will offer all the information needed to configure the devices connected to our PC, such us greatly ease the way others interact with our PC monitors, although most of the features of this button as sending the documents or web pages directly to the printer connected to our PC only work when we open any of the applications from the store.
  • The button configuration is a concentrate of traditional control panel provides a gateway to the most important information on your PC, once we click on it you can activate or deactivate airplane mode, connect to our network using Wi- Fi, raise or lower the brightness, change the time to display notifications, raise or lower the volume and turn off the PC from your desktop.

If we click on the Settings button within applications we will display a list of important options, for example in the Mail application can add new accounts from the settings button, or evaluate and write a review about any App Store among other basic options.

With this review of the functionality ends the second installment of the most important features of Windows 8, we will soon have ready next Stay tuned!

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