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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Technology |

Discovering Windows 8 (III): The app store

Discovering Windows 8 (III): The app store

The App Store Windows 8 we can browse more than 5 million applications available so far, we can find using the search tool on the toolbar buttons to access, or by the groups in which they have been ordered easily recognizable.

The store itself is responsible for highlighting the best apps for us and provide quick access to the most downloaded applications allowing us to know what are the most interesting and popular applications.

Most Windows applications available on the Store are free, but if any of them would also pay off the chance to try before if the application permits, as some paid apps have a trial version available but not others. Also you can download and install our payment applications on up to 5 devices with Windows 8, so no need to buy the same app twice.

To buy apps need to add a payment method, once opened the store just have to deploy the access button bar , click Setup – Your Account – billing and payment information.

We can also set preferences to shop in order to more easily find applications in our language or with a high number of accessibility features rolling back the access button bar in the app store and clicking Settings – Preferences.

The app store has a child protection filter that enables you to configure the store to determine which applications may install small house creating a safer environment for them.

Hopefully a large increase in the number of applications after the general release of Windows 8 to be held next week, by the time some of the confirmed titles for the division of Studios are the Angry Birds saga that come included or Kinectimals in the first set of games after launch.

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