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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in News |

Discovering Windows 8 (IV): The image password

Discovering Windows 8 (IV): The image password

Experience logon in Windows 8 has been completely renovated, in a world in which the requirements for creating a valid password are increasingly stringent and therefore these are longer and more complex, has decided to implement a modern, fast and smooth way to log into Windows 8 picture password.

Number combinations often pose a problem for consumers, if the sequences are too easy to remember are typically less secure, and if the sequences are complex we risk forgetting them and have started a process so cumbersome to reset our password.

In essence, the picture password consists of two complementary parts, on the one hand we have the image that we have chosen from our own libraries within the team and on the other the set of gestures that will draw on it.

The process to create a picture password on our Windows 8 device is very simple, just have to deploy the access buttons – click Settings – Change PC configuration, once we are in the new screen that will lead us to Users – Logon Options – Create a picture password

The first thing we ask Windows 8 is enter the password you have been using so far, then we have to choose the image you want to use from our libraries and drawing gestures settings, among which include circles, lines and strokes in our image, taking into account variables such as size, position, address gestural and order in which we have made become part of the same password.

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