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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Technology |

Discovering Windows 8 (V): Notifications

Discovering Windows 8 (V): Notifications

In Windows 8 has finally introduced a truly integrated system notifications that work both on the desktop and within applications by offering a variety of features that can be customized to alert the user.

There are three basic types of in Windows 8:

  • Full Screen: This type of notification is in the middle of your screen when you have generally serious incidents, such as SmartScreen Filter Alert or warning system hard reset.
  • Toast: These pop-up notifications that disappear by themselves if ignored, unlike the former, are more common. They slide from the top right of the screen, a good example of such notifications are alerts our calendar or messages received struck up conversations with our contacts.
  • Applications: Applications of our home screen also give us some information in real time through the active windows, these reports contain more detailed information if the active window is larger. If we want a lighter visual experience can disable static leaving active windows with a simple right click on them.

All these types of notifications can be configured from the configuration window of our PC, to access it we need to deploy the access button bar – click Settings – Change settings for PC

From the Notifications section of the new window can activate or deactivate the alerts in all applications at once, or go one by choosing those which we receive email, we may also simply remove the sound alerts or notifications eliminate locking the screen.

From the configuration options of the same lock screen you can choose up to 7 applications to run in the background and we provide fast notifications such as email messages unread, pending events or birthdays.

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