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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Science |

Discovery of a new state in the atmosphere of Venus

Discovery of a new state in the atmosphere of Venus

The Venus Express probe of the European Space Agency suggests that, contrary to what was thought, the of Venus has had in the past to three states , not two. Since the secured in a magnetized state was marked by a strong magnetic state which caused magnetic flux ropes.

Published in Geophysical Research Letters, the study indicates that the ionosphere of Venus has not been magnetized most of the time, on the contrary, the strong solar wind pressure would have been shifted to the magnetized state.

And is that so far as past observations going back to 1978, suggested that the ionosphere of Venus had two states: on one side a magnetized state with a large-scale horizontal magnetic field, and on the other, a non magnetized without large-scale magnetic field although numerous structures known as magnetic flux ropes, who are often strong fields and diameters of kilometers.

Observations of Venus Espress conducted in 2008 and 2009 now report that third-string magnetized state giants flow, according to the researchers, but so far had previewed these giant flux ropes in Venus, this is the first observation of the phenomenon on the planet’s ionosphere.

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