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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Social Networks |

Discovr People, recommendations Twitter users

Discovr People, recommendations Twitter users

With overcrowding of and social networks, find new people can be a difficult task. In fact, there is a whole debate, to academia, to the type of networks we form with people over the internet. It seems that many of us chose to follow people we know in “real life”. But we can also establish a network of different contacts. On Twitter, it becomes an increasingly difficult task, because if we have an account in a while, then we will have established a network of contacts. If we want to know different people, it can become difficult.

An average Twitter user is about a hundred people, but not interact with them on a daily basis. Thus, it can be difficult to find new contacts. Twitter offers its own section of discovery, where we can find other users that the service considers similar to us or people who already follow, but really not as wise as we think. Comes into play, at least for users of iOS, an app called Discovr People , an excellent choice for those who want to find new Twitter users that they find interesting.

Inserting the Twitter user we think, this application will give us a graph of digital connections, which will show all relevant users and assets that have been connected to that particular user in the recent past. The connections can be extended further by the important map is handled Discovr People. From the same application, can enter all public profiles, and read the latest tweets to know whether or not we want to follow. We can also access their connections and other parts of the account without leaving the app.

After trying Discovr, and also knowing that I have reached a point where I really do not know where else to go, has been refreshing. It has a very nice interface, we can and we must expect from any application, and is very easy to use, with intuitive buttons that do not need much to be put into operation. If we are stuck in Twitter, is an ideal choice.

Once downloaded the application to our iOS device, which may be an iPhone or an iPad, nothing else we have to synchronize our Twitter account. We give permission, and we will have access to the main interface, where we will find a text box to enter the user name mentioned above. We also like functionality including the ability to manage our lists of Twitter , which is essential if we are heavy users, and also receive recommendations for further interesting lists. In short, it is a powerful tool recommendation for users who are on Twitter every day.

Although there is a Twitter client, Discovr People gives us access to the profiles of people who have. It allows us to manage networks, but if we want to find him a suitable use for the Community Manager , we can also say it is a good way to follow users as they relate to our brand and begin to interact with them , a viable way to get more followers and increase engagement. is completely free, and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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