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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Internet |

Disney and its propaganda against open source in a teen comedy

It’s called Shake it Up, a comedy of for adolescents whose latest issue has revolutionized the network part of the incredible statements. As we see in the pictures, an insult to those advocates of open source software branded as “unsafe” .

The series in question is a sitcom about a group of young teenagers aspiring dancers in a television program titled Shake it Up, Chicago.

At a time when the last episode aired this weekend, one of the young, would-be characterized as a “nerd”, check the equipment of another youth. His diagnosis after analysis ends up being the reason for the great controversy in the network:

Did you use code to save time and the virus was hiding there?

The other characters seem to confirm that this has been the cause of the problem, so the young “computer” concludes by saying that doing this was a “rookie mistake”.

It is possible that the Video be removed during the day on YouTube if Disney requests (as he often does) to be removed for infringement of copyright. Meanwhile, places like the same link from YouTube or sites like reddit are quick to replicate the “evangelization” that Disney boasts a program dedicated to small.

As suggested in The Registrer, it seems understandable that a company as big as Disney there are inconsistencies in some of its different sections. Not so much a space as are the series or movies at a time when the very last week Disney announced that Pixar released its code libraries subdivision, owned hitherto.

The announcement meant that were made available to the public the library code used for subdivision surfaces in production of Pixar films. A license that allowed even for commercial use.

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