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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Dispatch, productivity with cloud sync

Dispatch, productivity with cloud sync

Again we return to our favorite topic, productivity. After reviewing services like Teambox and IFTT , today we will focus on a relatively new tool, Dispatch . This tool lets you create “offices” or messages to privately discuss with our partners or colleagues, in a manner similar to Yammer or SocialCast, cataloged similar services enterprise social networking.

is a service that can be used for any type of project, as well as allowing comment from different people, it also leaves us sync with other cloud-based services to share files. This, as we know, it is essential to maintain a fast workflow and interesting, without distractions, and provide us with the possibility of instant communication with others.

Through Dispatch, we can select which are the most interesting items of the projects to which we are invited, and receive email notifications of all the news we have. So we can be updated every minute of all the things that are happening. The goal is to make a Dispatch workspace much more fluid and what we can see, they are succeeding. The interface is very clean and simple, and the use of the service is extremely intuitive, especially if you are not used to this style tools to work. It is an ideal tool, eg to telework or to maintain coordination among the different members of a freelance project.

Being a freemium tool-which means we can use it for free but can pay for more features, is ideal for small projects that do not have much budget. It currently has services like Google Sync Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox, but according to Dispatch will be adding more over time.

Synchronization with these services is essential because it is amazing how they have adapted to the work environment. It is rare that we include in email attachments when we can use the Dropbox storage, or when we can work collaboratively on a document through the text editor of Google Drive. Therefore, the presence of these in Dispatch is critical to your success.

For now, Dispatch is a service that is acquired by invitation only, but we can get one of these leaving our email on their official website and waiting a bit. We suggest you try it out, because it looks very interesting, especially for fans of productivity tools.