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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Technology |

DNA traces at crime scenes might reconstruct the face of a suspect

DNA traces at crime scenes might reconstruct the face of a suspect

This is attested by the latest development carried out by a group of researchers from the Netherlands. His work with photographs of people and the use of MRI have come to identify key genetic factors that contribute to facial appearance . A job that could make and forensic investigators are able to reconstruct a bloodstain at the scene of suspects. As have, in the future it is likely that the portrait-robot or eyewitnesses pass better life.

The technique used by the MRI, has been the key. Researchers at the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam identified nine key facial in the human face, “milestones” that included the position of the cheekbones, the distance between the eyes, height, width or length of the nose.

Then, by analyzing the genomes of about 10,000 individuals, we found five genes controlling the positioning of the nine benchmarks affecting your facial appearance.

According to Professor Manfred Kayser, who led the study:

These are the first results interesting marking the beginning of understanding the genetics of human facial morphology. Maybe one day it will be possible to draw a portrait of a person only ghost from its DNA, which offer interesting applications, for example in forensics.

According to Kayser, it is possible to predict the color of eyes and hair by analyzing samples. Still, the total reconstruction of a portrait is very complicated:

We only found five genes because we had to limit the scope of our study of the nine points emblematic. We hope you have many more. This is a simplification, but we had to start somewhere.

It is a very ambitious goal, but in principle it should be possible. We know that the more there are shared genes, are more similar, in the same way as twins are similar. It just depends on how hard it is to find these genes.

In the future will mark the end of the portraits-robot and would improve the current eyewitness report, which are currently considered as unreliable. This formula would be more accurate.

A study that aims to find genetic factors that determine human traits visible and could lead in the near future in a perfect technique to search for suspects.

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