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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Science |

Do animals have consciousness like us?

Do animals have consciousness like us?

This question has become a statement through the statement signed by an outstanding group of scientists including Stephen Hawking is. Consciousness The Cambridge Declaration proclaims on a scientific basis the idea that animals are conscious in the same way as humans . A list of to be included among all mammals, birds and even octopus.

The statement is the first official recognition and open the world of science. They do this through a series of parameters where it is explained and demonstrated evidence that most animals are conscious in the same way that we are. One proposal is to call back the man and his dealings with animals.

Not only that, the statement confirms the recognition of consciousness in all animals that are on an evolutionary scale very different from ours, if the birds.

As we read in the declaration, the scientists say:

The absence of neocortex seems not exclude a body experiencing emotional states. Converging evidence suggests that nonhuman animals have elements neuroanatomical, neurochemical and neurophysiological substrates conscious states along with the ability to display intentional behavior.

Therefore, and according to the group signature, the scientific evidence increasingly indicates that humans are not the only ones who possess the neurological substrates that generate awareness.

The research group that is promoting the proposal consists of cognitive scientists, neurophysiologists, neuroscientists and computational neuroanatomists among whom was Stephen Hawking and Christof Koch.

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