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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Economy and Business |

Do not be so sure

Do not be so sure

I distrust people safe too. Of those who know everything. Of those who did not hesitate. Of those who always have an opinion. Of those who seek to overwhelm with their comments. It’s not just me, most respond well .

You can not know everything about a subject. You can be an authority but always have gaps. Show your ignorance is not bad. Instead, show your vulnerable side makes people relax and trust you. If you show your ignorance about something, your true knowledge becomes more valuable. “Is it true what they say because it supports what we do not know” often think of others. In addition trenchant opinions promote rejection.

Years of dealing with customers have convinced me that there is nothing worse than hide what you do not know, trying to show that you know everything or to respond not founded on any subject. Of course, the more you know better, but no one is obliged to know everything. It is very easy to catch you in a lie, before it catches a liar than a lame, says the proverb. It is always better to say what is not, what you study and answer.

He who knows it all has nothing to learn. This is the worst attitude in life. There is always something to learn from the other. And it’s good to let them know you hear them, you have something to say and teach, but you’re the authority on the subject. If we have two eyes and one mouth is because we have to listen twice before you speak, says an Arab proverb.

You certainly can not doubt everything. Two and two are four. You must own certainties on which to build your parliament and can not argue the obvious. But be humble, help.

Nothing stupid enough to overcome, the real triumph is to convince. (Victor Hugo)

Something similar aims Baba Shiv , a professor at Stanford Business School. Give a resounding speech and have many people against you. Let there instead unpolished aspects that others want to intervene and take ownership of the idea, make it their own.

There may overcome them, convince. Draw them to you, make your speech cale deep.