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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Does it help the email marketing really?

Does it help the email marketing really?

Although it is common to hear the phrase “marketing is dead” and insist that social networks have completely changed the rules of business-something that I completely agree-it’s an empty argument is easily refuted statistics showing results with campaigns. One of the most “controversial” of the discussion of this new marketing produced and constantly changing internet is email marketing. Does it really work? Is it worth so much effort and money when users who are aiming mark us as spam and deleted our mail without even looking at it? There are many arguments for and against, but the numbers speak for themselves: the is more alive than ever, and continues to be a very successful tool.

However, for some, above all for those deleted emails, email marketing is an unnecessary waste of money that can be replaced by alternatives. We begin with the most common argument: why have email marketing campaigns social networks when we do the work for us? And with this argument are confusing two things that have nothing to do with each other. Communication We are confusing with sale. As much as we enchant social networks are a communication channel. Already in the name we are realizing that we are doing email marketing marketing action, we are trying to position ourselves in the market to sell something. As much as we hear countless success stories and Facebook is determined to convince us otherwise, social networks do not sell. For now, it is not their purpose. And it will take a long time, I think, until this is something viable.

Another argument used quite often is that email marketing is not working as before. With the same argument, we can say that the same digital does not work, because it is not generating the same actions as before, and overall advertising revenues are declining. But when we say it does not work, unfortunately we do not hire the right people to carry out the testing we did not do enough to ensure it is a successful campaign or our content was not attractive enough. And here we come to another hot topic in the field: if we have a content that is interesting, so interesting that makes a person open the mail, then it is not that email marketing does not work. Is that your strategy is not working.

I’m not saying that email marketing is good or bad, always depends on the needs of our brand in a given time. It also depends on the size of our database. Has pros and cons like any other business decision can be reached to take. But if you opt for an email marketing campaign, then keep in mind that you have to do well. An email marketing campaign middling is a waste of money.

So let’s go over some points that are important, especially if you are just getting into this fascinating-and surprisingly-stressful world of Internet advertising. Although we do not have to work directly with email marketing, we need to know your basics, ways to make a successful campaign, no matter what position we have.

  • The content is all: try to think of email marketing as if we were writing an email to someone you do not know. What is, in essence, what we do with these actions. We have to be offering something that encourages people to open our email, to read what we are saying, to be interested in the things that we are offering. If it is badly written, designed so unattractive, then we are wasting our money.
  • Planning is important: an electronics store used to send your email marketing to 2 am every Monday. For a few weeks was something quite annoying, but I realized after a while, was opening the mail, looking at the content, informing about the brand. Because, basically, I do not get too many emails at 2 am, I have nothing more to do than perhaps write some things, and I can devote my attention to this. I do not mean that we have to send our email marketing at two in the morning, but be aware that there is a whole team of people planning on what time is best to send the emails to have a better open rate.
  • Building relationships: some lines but does talk about the difference between communication and trade, also have to face our email marketing strategy as a “sell sell sell”. It is important to connect with users through mails and build a relationship involving a brand in memory. As this electronics store, he built a relationship with me guessing my schedule absurd.
  • Users are not stupid: in relation to the previous point, do not assume that users are fools who open everything that comes. So we talk about open rate, many of these people really are opening our emails. In an extensive database, we can sometimes to celebrate if 1% of these users opens the mail. So we have to be careful what we put, and not have a sales strategy too aggressively.
  • Calls subscriptions: Going back to the database, instead of buying or using databases that are not related to us at all, we ask our users, who are genuinely interested in what we have to say, we leave your email. This can be done from inserting a pop up explaining the benefits of signing up leaving him completely optional, in a sidebar.
  • Give them something in return: if we are to use a promotional track have to offer something in return. Discounts, free products, things related to our brand. Learning from the success of Groupon and similar companies that make money by offering benefits. It is also a good way to build these relationships with our users.
  • The issue is our letter: finally closed with an item also related to the content. A user opens the mail depending on the title, is our opportunity to introduce and motivate them to establish this relationship. Do not do anything too boring, too long, too vague or too descriptive. Creating affairs for email marketing is an art.

Of course, this is merely a gateway to the world of email marketing. This is a category with many twists and turns that will surely take years, or even a blog alongside dozens of posts every day, so we can cover everything. There is also an impressive array of environmental jargon related email marketing, which also are delving.

But these points help answer our question, one that we did in the title.? Really Serves email marketing? Yes, if done with professionalism and dedication, taking into account not only the client’s needs but also the needs and behavior of users.

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