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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Hardware |

Does Microsoft plan your own version of Project Glass?

Does Microsoft plan your own version of Project Glass?

A recently published patent shows that may be working on its own version of Project Glass , augmented reality glasses from that left us speechless this year. Are Ballmer and company preparing for the next big technological leap?

According to this document, Microsoft’s glasses would not be designed to use all the time, as we supposed to do with Google, but will serve to interact in specific scenarios, such as concerts, sporting events, among others. Personally, that approach seems a little more sensible in a startup phase, as I feel I wear the lenses with all the information all the time augmented reality could be tiring. Instead, at a special event could be extremely useful to enhance the experience.

Microsoft patent points out that his glasses would project text and images in the eyes of the wearer. For example, serve to put subtitles on the songs in a concert (do you imagine watching a movie or a TV series in the original language?); Statistics of a player when he jumps onto the court or automatic repetitions of any move.

Of course, that is been registered a patent does not necessarily mean you are working on it. Microsoft filled the form in May 2011, so it could be in some stage of development (which makes sense, considering that Google already has a product for a medium-term market), or, like many good ideas, just has been registered for the purpose of intellectual property as a shield / weapon of future litigation. That a product is patented does not mean that we see soon, though, in this case, yes I would like to see Microsoft try.

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