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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Internet |

Does the Lock Pages in the workplace?

Does the Lock Pages in the workplace?

One of the greatest evils afflicting our work life is related to the blocking of websites. Often the IT department of our work blocks certain content that we can not access it. So during business hours, we were not Facebook, not streaming music or videos, and much more. Some of these decisions are completely arbitrary, so blocking content during working hours is a sensitive issue. Should it happen, or do we have free access to the web? I am in favor of the second option, with its reserves, obviously.

It makes sense

First let’s talk about what makes sense in imposing restrictions. As I said, companies often arbitrarily block sites, but not always the case.

  • Streaming Services: we share a network with other people, we are also sharing the bandwidth. This is significant because if we consume a lot of resources to streaming, we are hurting our comrades. Now if you are going to block, you have to make a judgment: block Grooveshark Spotify but not block-the same with, which has the misfortune of having “fm” in your URL-meaningless.
  • Inappropriate content: although it is obvious that we will not make viewing pornography during working hours, there are people for everything. The inappropriate content has just reason to be blocked. If you want to look, do it from your personal computer and in your own time, and privacy.
  • Online gaming sites: another big problem is in online games. Several sites offer us arcade games to waste time-remember how lost productivity a day when Google made its doodle based on PacMan. Besides consuming resources, also distract the personal debatable but at the end of the day makes sense.

It makes no sense

However, the locks are not always done judiciously. Sometimes just taking directions the mass and simply block any suspicion, or because it seems the right decision. I believe that if our employees want to waste time, they will. And not bad to do so, provided they comply with the tasks assigned to them. But hey, those are working philosophies that not everyone can share.

  • News sites: it seems absurd to block news sites. Especially since almost never done with specific criteria, for example, news sites are blocked but no RSS readers can pick up the same items, or vice versa. If a person wants to read the news, you do: You can do it from the phone, you can buy a daily paper can go in any case, a common room to watch the news on television. It is much faster if you can see them easily from your computer.
  • Sports sites: the same is true for sports sites. One thing is to look quickly a result of yesterday’s game, and another thing, perhaps, betting on horses in our working hours. Chances are that very few people come into this second group. Everything depends on the time consumed doing, and depends on the responsibility of each.
  • Personal Pages: another little gem of locking behavior is prohibited from entering personal pages, such as the online portfolio of a designer. Some companies are set if we are entering the block too often and if so be it-happened. No matter if we are not dedicating time to work our personal interests, not taken into account. This is completely arbitrary.

Social networks

I separate this section for a topic somewhat “controversial”. On one side are those who say the full access to social networks during working hours is a waste of time. Then there are those who say that looking at pictures of kittens on the internet makes us more productive and motivates us. Maybe we have to put in between: social networks can be a distraction but does not have to be so dramatic.

It has happened on several occasions having to fight for me to enable the use of Twitter and YouTube on my computer at work. And I’m Community Manager! I can only imagine what it must be for people who do not need social networks to work.

At the end of the day, it depends on the person behind the screen. If we have an employee who spends all hours of the day watching minutiae on Facebook, you do other things if we block it. Because basically do not feel like being there. An employee who reviews sporadically Facebook or Twitter, and also meets all your tasks, is another matter. The vast majority of people are like that. We are not fully aware of what is happening in social networks.


I work in a place where they have blocked the email that the company is not. How much harm can have Gmail open? Flexibility is very important to have a happy team. Neither extreme flexibility, obviously.

When locked, it should not be as necessary as we think it is important to:

* Criterion
* Research
* Confidence in our employees
* Flexibility

With these ingredients, we can be sure that nobody will be wasting time, without being unfair to everyone.

Photo by Neutex on DeviantArt